• “I’m not sure how to start my dream building project, I have never been through the process.”

    • Here at Build North, we can take you through the entire building process.
      • We will put together costing budgets for your project
      • We will confirm your planning requirements
      • We will find the right design consultants for your specific project
      • We will provide design concepts
      • We will provide full drawings packages
      • We will deliver your project
  • “Our school has an area that we would like to develop for our students, we aren’t sure of what we can fit into our space and we don’t know what legislation we must comply with in regards to our play areas.”

    • Build North has a wealth of knowledge in the upgrading, landscaping or construction of playgrounds, childcare facilities and sporting facilities.
      • We will listen to your requests and ideas
      • We will do concept landscaping/play area designs
      • We will provide play equipment options for the client along with the concept designs
      • We will quote your design or provide a design based on your budget and special input
      • We will:
        1. Install your play equipment and provide certification
        2. Undertake your civil requirements
        3. Install your landscaping (Irrigation systems, turfing, plants and maintenance)
        4. Design and Install your Softfall to meet industry requirements
        5. Install your decks, boardwalks, climbing poles, stepping stumps etc…
        6. Install or upgrade your existing fencing
        7. We will deliver your project
  • “I have a small job that needs to be done.”

    • Build North Constructions are comfortable doing smaller jobs, we appreciate that a happy client, whether large or small, is a client for life.